February 8th, 2006

I'm watching The Day After Tomorrow

Let's see: the eye just happened over Dad and the guy he's pulling on the sled. The son and one buddy (I think the other one just got eaten by a wolf, but I can't be bothered to go back and check) are running to the library from the ship and everything is freezing really, really fast (I don't know why the penicillin hasn't just frozen in the glass container.

It was somewhat reasonable to be chased by a wall of water. It is _not_ reasonable to be chased by suddenly freezing everything. Nor is it reasonable to think that closing a door would make any difference.

I know, you all told me it was a stupid movie. But you told m e it was a stupid movie and talked about the climate stuff. The climate stuff doesn't matter. The stupidity lies in shit like the wolves, the penicillin run, the belief that a tent could make a difference, that the pay phone would work.

On the bright side, this movie is not afraid to kill people, and the world has finally gotten to what NeXT was demo'ing when I was in college: I can have a bad movie running in one window while I engage in pointless commentary in another.

Now all I need is to get cable hooked up to this and I'm set. Not.

Apparently some climate guy at NASA is saying we have to do something now to reduce emissions or we're all going to die in the next few decades. About freaking time someone spoke up. I have pretty much had it up to here with otherwise intelligent people acting like (a) climate change and (b) running out of fossil fuels are no big deal.

Oh, and the Dennis Quaid character is a really bad parent.


The crew at the library survived. Shouldn't have. Oh well.

That crap about the Gutenberg Bible being the first printed book was inane. NOT the first printed book. Not even the first book printed with movable type. Whatever.