February 3rd, 2006

2nd restructure is working

Since I got away from the numbered chapter approach, I've been able to shuffle files and links at will (anyone operating off of toc.html is missing a bunch of the book). The real restructure (the renames were to enable later efforts) is not a single linear narrative. Think: choose your own adventure.

Books that attempt wide coverage in this area (parenting) have a problem with repitition. I'm getting around that by creating a bunch of topic areas.There's a page for a topic area with a general discussion, then links to sub pages and related stuff in other topic areas. I've been able to dismantle some of the truly outrageously long chapters this way, and clarified things enough to know what more needs to be written.

I've had two people raise issues with this approach. The first one is that the old, long chapters, once loaded, could be read in one go, without loading more pages. Nothing I can do about that. The second was whether there would continue to be a linear presentation that one could read through so as not to miss anything. I'm not sure about that one. Probably I'll put together a uber page that lists all the topic areas.

In some ways, this is all just a way to give me something to do while I figure out how to write the discipline chapters. But it is all kinds of fun, and along the way I've made a series of random but fascinating discoveries. First, LAM works really well to 9 months if you keep solid food to 10% or less of food consumed (and it works sort of okay to 12 months). Second, the LAM article on wikipedia has not yet been written. Hmmm.