walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

38 weeks and counting

And a very nice person is coming over to cook for R. and me tonight. The plan was for this to start after the birth, but after some discussion we decided that getting the details works out in practice ahead of time would be good. It sure took a lot of arm twisting, let me tell you. ;-)

I wish I had a picture of the look on my midwife's face when I told her how much I weigh these days. They don't care (well, they probably would care if I didn't gain anything and they noticed) what I weigh or when I gain it, as long as fundal height, blood pressure, pee-on-a-stick and other general indications look good (they cared a lot about hematocrit). But the last few weeks made me nervous, when I not only broke 200, but hit 215. Eeeek. I'm hoping some of this is water and will just pee out after the birth. So I tell M. this number, and she just didn't believe me at first, then added she would have guessed me at 160. I retorted that that's where _I started_ from. She did not, however, seem at all perturbed by the 50+ pound gain. Honestly, I'm over the panic, too, especially since both midwives are unconcerned about the size of the baby. M. thinks about 8 pounds, maybe a bit more. I figure as long as it isn't more than 11, I'll deal.

It is bizarre to be a shade under 5'8" and weigh 215, and still have pretty good muscle definition. Really, really, really bizarre. Especially the obliques (I think that's what they are) where they curve around the side of the belly and eventually attach to the spine. They are f-ing huge.
Tags: daily activities, pregnancy
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