December 2nd, 2005

Spitty baby, new friends and the bumbo seat

For unknown reasons, Teddy has been very spitty lately. Probably sick and we just can't tell because other than the spittiness nothing is obviously wrong (well, other than the ongoing eye and nose booger things, and the sneezing). It'd be kind of nice if this was as sick as he ever got, but I'm betting we're not going to be that lucky. Still, the tablespoon of upchuck after breastfeeding gets a little old after a while. I finally stripped him, figuring that it's been a good day for him telling me he needs to pee, and skin doesn't have to go through the laundry.

We went for a walk today, in an ongoing effort to get the baby outside time in hopes that helps him sleep. As we stepped out of the courtyard I saw a nice woman walking up Jackson with her slightly older baby in a jogging stroller. I invited myself along on her walk, and we got to know each other: traded baby ages, genders, names. Traded occupations (in my case lack thereof, and why), where we were from (she's from Massachussetts, yay!). I walked her the rest of the way to her house, and she invited me in so I got to meet her partner, their dog and cats, drank some green tea and hang out. Very, very nice people. Also doing AP (Sears book out on the table), not doing EC, but one of them knows people who did. Teddy sat in their Bumbo seat for a while on the table. Check this out:

I, of course, came home, dug up that web site and waffled between whether this was too baby-container or not and then just said screw it, he was awfully happy sitting in it for a good ten minutes and that's enough time for me to make a sandwich. Good enough. 40 bucks, almost 50 with shipping from the website, but I think it'll be worth it and at least it won't take up much room.

They also showed me their Baby Bjorn, which has a completely different back than the ones we inherited from R.'s sister and my friend B. It looks like the weight distribution would be vastly better. It really is a consumer paradise for Teddy. Off to see about ordering one of those.

Martial arts cancelled yesterday, but between walking, class and the fitness room, I've gotten at least a half hour of exercise every day this week, and usually more. I've given up on the Leap Frog Infant Learning System from R.'s sister, in favor of roll-my-own enrichment. Child care will likely continue to use it, but that thing basically plays music, sings and does consonant stuff. I can do all that with the assistance of the stereo, and that thing just kind of irritates me. Not sure why.


Yet another person has weighed in on the theory that Teddy is teething. It does seem a little young, but R. got a tooth or teeth at 4 and a half months. Teddy is drooling like mad, and there are rough spots on the gums. Now the spittiness has been attributed to teething, so who knows? Maybe there will be more boob news in the not too far distant future when Teddy doesn't just gnaw at me with that rough patch, but really digs in with a new tooth. Joy.