October 13th, 2005

Lovely chat with J & J

and R. of course, while Milkbreath was up to his usual tricks.

_Fresh Milk_ by Fiona Giles is quite wonderful.

Talking parenting ideas with my friends was great. One in particular was the person who led to me writing the relationship advice book, so getting his feedback about what I'm thinking about discipline and parenting strategies was really wonderful. More later; R. is itching to get some stuff to run so he can check it in.

Daily trivia: made it to the condo without R., but with Teddy. C. came down to visit and hold the baby briefly, and another C. came home while we were there. The soap dish is fixed, as is the track lighting (things falling off the walls and ceiling; weird, but fixable). It was great to see K. again and not surprisingly, he's awesome with Jack Russells, which is good, because Charley is kinda hyper and really wanted to lick the baby. Doggy nature, and when Teddy is a bit older, fine, but 2 months seems a big younger for that much canine saliva. Especially when he'd just been to the emergency vet because he ate vomit in the park and it made his leg twitch and him generally be spastic. But that was last weekend, and he'd been caused to throw it all back up and is all better now. Yikes.

I have an initial plan/vision for the master bathroom and my tenant is excited about it. If I can get out to look at catalogs and pick fixtures, this might even happen in the next few months. Which would be really cool.