September 5th, 2005

Random commentary

I've written a draft of the birth story, and sent out a baby announcement in email. I'll keep working on the story, but time is passing and Teddy is amusing so I might as well post stuff here.

In addition to a voracious appetite, at 2 weeks Teddy started intermittently giving us a 5 hour block of sleep at night. Not every night, unfortunately, but whatever we get we get. I swear he feels heavier and bigger every day. R.'s mom visited this last week and her husband over the long weekend. Lots of fun. Maybe a little bit too exciting, but mostly helpful as well as fun. Mom-in-law set up the mobile K. gave us one day and Teddy successfully batted at the dangling bits. He can also maneuver his thumb into his mouth at least part of the time. Clever baby.