August 3rd, 2005

No baby yet, if elected ruler of universe, would decline to serve. . .

Still curious about the whole ascension thing, but only if it's less cheesy than in Stargate.

Today is my Official Due Date (ha!), a date on which perhaps 10% of babies are born (pretty unlikely, in other words). Of course, Murphy could be lurking, as I have said throughout this pregnancy that I don't believe in due dates. We'll see. One of the midwives was up all night August 1-2 with a birth, so she'd just as soon I didn't have mine until she caught up a bit on her sleep. In addition to the weekly appointments, if nothing happens by a week from Friday, we'll have our Very First Ultrasound, to see what's going on. We are on the clock now. After 42 completed weeks, it's no more birth center for us again. :(

R. and I went grocery shopping yesterday, as I was unable to motivate to do it by myself. So the fridge is thoroughly stocked again. We had spencers for dinner last night. Yum. And as per usual for me, there's at least half of mine still in the fridge for later. Wake-me-up-from-a-sound-sleep contractions last night hourly, and most annoying, by 5 a.m. I was starving. I gave in at 7ish and had breakfast. I don't get hungry any other time of day, just inconveniently early in the morning. Also annoying about the contractions is that they simultaneously make me have to pee (unless I really just went) and give me reflux (make it worse, as the case may be). There is just no space left at all.

Best of all, the midwife got to feel the baby move from back-to-the-right to back-to-the-front, which we kept saying was happening, but they didn't seem to believe (apparently a lot of babies need to rotate the long way from back-to-the-right). And she also agrees there really is a lot (but not a scary) amount of water, so I think we've laid the concern about baby position to rest. No one expects it to flip (it's been head down for weeks) and since we all seem to understand swivel-baby's basic nature we can proceed directly to wondering when these contractions will actually progress to something more interesting. Oh, and she would have really liked to check my cervix today, probably so as to estimate likelihood of getting any sleep tonight. R. and I continue to be opposed, unless there's a durn good reason, and she conceded there wasn't any other than curiosity.

Working my way through _Twilight of the Desert_, when not in the throes of narcolepsy. Really interesting stuff. Simmons is quite emphatic (and detailed) in asserting the Saudis actually know what they are doing technically, and when those fields start their final decline, it will be steep and not reversible, unlike other people who act like Aramco has its head up its butt and doesn't use current tech in their giant fields.

Went swimming

And got the last of the big order from Amazon. I continue to forget to drop off a rent check. This is Not Good. R. is getting extremely antsy. He's suggesting that we should go run up and down the stairs a few times, and added that he was born on his due date. I pointed out that it'd have to be a real quick labor for that to happen here, as there's less than 5 hours left before it's tomorrow.

I've temporarily abandoned Simmons book about Saudi Aramco in favor of Grantly Dick Read's _Childbirth Without Fear_, an oldie but a goodie (but kinda weird in many ways) when it comes to natural childbirth (I really do not care for that term). No particular news. I did go swimming and there were a ton of people in the public swim parts of the pool. Really loud, but fun to see that many people having a good time. Further locker room conversations about just how insanely huge I am (question of the day seems to be: is that going to be twins? Better not be!). Managed a half mile; I'm getting better at timing laps so I can rest for a contraction at the shallow end of the pool. That helps keep the reflux from getting out of hand.