August 2nd, 2005

No baby yet, not ruler of the universe yet

M. claims I have not ascended to a higher plane yet because I'm already pretty damn high. Hmmm. There are a lot of possible ways to interpret that. He called last night to bring R. and I up to date on his social life (going yummily well) and to find out if there was any news, as apparently all of R.'s former coworkers are keeping up to date on things out here via him. Like, every few hours.

No particular news. Swam a third of a mile yesterday. The contractions are now taking only a few hour break in the middle of the day (as of yesterday, and an even shorter break today), but they're only happening 2-3 times an hour, so I don't anticipate anything happening in the immediate future. The consensus appears to be that there's a real risk I'll have this kid on the due date, which would be crushing. First, I'm wrong about my dreamed date (July 26) and then, after months of telling people I don't believe in due dates, to have that happen. I don't know. I suppose I could live it down. ;-) R. thinks I should call the midwives and chat with them. I'm thinking we have an appointment tomorrow and no news to speak of so might as well chat then.

I'm _finally_ not so freaking warm all the time, by which I mean I no longer perceive myself as being too warm while at the same time feeling cool to the touch. R. thinks a hormone change is in progress. Makes sense to me.