August 1st, 2005

Still no baby yet, nor ruler of universe, nor ascended

I realize I failed to mention all this yesterday, which may have caused some to wonder. R. was doing a much needed backup (31 CDs) of his photos on the computer and it was very, very slooooooowwwww to log in, so I didn't do any more than check email.

We did, however, got to Fred Meyer and acquire a very cheap, assemble it yourself (ha! R.self. There's no way I could have gotten this thing together correctly on my own) 5 drawer dresser for the future member of our family, or, at any rate, the wee ones belongings, which have already grown to take up an alarming amount of space. So apparently I'm nesting. Or something.

R. had a 9:15 a.m. meeting today (boy did that make him unhappy) and was hoping maybe we'd have the baby last night/today, but no such luck.

R. has returned to nap

After 11:30 or so this morning, I figured I'd just lie around until I was too bored/in pain (my right arm is giving me a lot of trouble these days, probably carpal tunnel due to pregnancy, unrelated to the swimming) to stay in bed. In fact, I fell very, very deeply asleep and did not hear R. come in the front door and say hi, and in fact did not notice he was in the room until he displaced a hardback book to the floor (thunk, went _Twilight in the Desert_) when he grabbed some pillows and bedding to nap in the other room. I had been dreaming I was awake, so actually waking up and experiencing a slightly different reality that included my husband was somewhat shocking.

I'll probably head off to swim laps in a few minutes, altho this time I will be well-behaved and stop after a quarter mile if that's what I feel like doing.