July 30th, 2005

No baby yet; not ruler of the universe yet; not ascended yet

Every time I take up swimming laps after a lapse (er), I damage a shoulder. Sometimes, I just flame it out, and it's hot and sore and painful for a day or two. Sometimes it takes a week or more of not swimming or otherwise challenging it to let it recover. Once I resorted to researching physical therapy techniques and did specific strengthening exercises. Which is to say, learning makes you powerful, despite the current failure to rule the universe/ascend to a higher plane.

So after yesterday's half mile (which was a lot more grueling than the day before), I wasn't overly surprised to discover my shoulder hurt. I bailed on beer with R.'s coworkers (which was a bummer, because a spouse was supposed to be there that I had been wanting to meet, but these things happen) in favor of sitting in the glider rocker and feeling both like an idiot and sorry for myself and dozing. Very low mood afternoon and evening. In good news, the box that arrived from Amazon did have a lot of nifty things in it to read, many of which were trashy enough (the new MaryJanice Davidson _Undead and Unappreciated, for example) to read even in my depressed and exhausted state. R. helped sort the kid clothes into size ranges (as near as we can tell only loosely related to what the tag says) and pack away the obviously-not-til-later ones.

Two days in the pool exercising have helped the swelling _a lot_. Whenever I have to change my routine because it doesn't satisfy the needs it was designed for, it's easy to not replace everything. This is another lesson in persisting in exercising, even when it's really hard to find something that works.