July 25th, 2005

No baby yet

Friday morning I had a very small number of quite short contractions. Next thing I noticed, the kid was definitely lower down. This is both good and bad (less reflux, more pressure on bladder and sphincters). Saturday and Sunday night I had no monkey labor to speak of (which is good, because the previous couple of nights were really, really, really annoying). I ate earlier in the evening, and did less later in the evening, which may have helped.

Saturday I was double booked at a party and a wedding, overlapping with a play I had committed to first that I thought was on Friday. I went to the play and blew the rest off since sitting down is Just Better these days. Sunday we ran errands; there is now a portable air conditioner in the room with the computer (and to which room I can easily drag the glider rocker). Yay.

Other than that, no particular news. I've been predicting three things for several weeks now. That the baby will be a girl, arrive on July 26th, and pee all over us first thing. Tomorrow we will find out the truth of at least one of these statements.