May 3rd, 2004

What do you mean, it's May?

The crocuses have been and gone (I may have commented on this already), we've got violets and daffodils. The leaves are greening up (goodbye easy views through the trees on hikes). The bugs are out, and let me tell you, what they call blackflies out here are not a joke. My hand is still itching from Friday's outing into the Heald Tract near Wilton. I thought maybe I'd continue onto Fisk trail, but turned back when the water got up to my knees (I'm willing to wade through stuff, but this was ridiculous and furthermore, quite possibly contained leeches). I've already seen painted trillium (seems a bit early for it, doesn't it?).

Friday was a weird day in general. I had intended to meet the group at Bamboo in Westford, but someone said 3 south was a parking lot based on his morning commute (most parking lots I know do not average 70 mph). I forgot to turn my cell phone on, so I did not hear about the venue change until I was already in Westford (unfortunate). Instead of having a lovely lunch and then trundling out on 2 to Mt Watatic or Wachussett, I instead rushed up to Nashua for a hurried lunch at Giant of Siam -- they were all sporting and hung around to chat until I was done, so I had a good time. Afterwards, I went over to the library to sit around and read magazines while trying to decide if I wanted to attempt a hike given the mugginess of the day. I did, hence the nibbled on hand. And leg. And back. Yuck.

We tried Mikata, the new Japanese steakhouse/sushi place on 101A, which was tasty. Better sushi than You-You and slightly closer, so this is a win. Unbelievably crowded. Apparently when a new restaurant opens in the area, it is slammed on the first couple Friday and Saturday nights as everyone checks it out. They do steak theater, complete with gouts of flame rising a few feet into the air. We skipped it in favor of the sushi bar. As with Dali earlier in the week, I found it impossible to get them to bring me water. I'm about ready to start bringing a nalgene bottle into the restaurant with me. If I ask three times (never mind four or more) for water, you think they'd bring me some. But no.

The invitations have arrived, so one more thing I don't have to worry about (since everything seems to be printed correctly and present) for the wedding. Of course, there is all that addressing yet to be done. We leave for the Netherlands in a week and a half. And my sister is contemplating including me in a drive across country in June. I think I'll be proactively lazy, since I'm clearly going to be busy shortly.

Mostly, tho, I'm having a lot of trouble with the idea that it's May. Sure, it hasn't snowed in over a month, I've filed my taxes and have 3 seasons on the car. Yeah, I've been up to the mountains and it's been over 80 a couple of times.

But May? Who did this to me?

Probably the same people responsible for the 90%+ humidity and the peepers (that'd be a particularly perky sounding bunch of frogs, to those who've never heard them before).
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