March 17th, 2004

More White Stuff

And this round stuck. I figured it would be the last chance this year at XC skiing so I suggested we go do a run around back before Roland went into work. I don't know why the poor man puts up with me, but I'm so glad he does. First off, it was an overly ambitious outing for me. I've been on skis all of 5 times (including that outing). Once, downhill over ten years ago. Since then, once around the house, once at Norsk on completely flat trails, and once at Beaver Brook on trails. This was a backcountry outing that included traversing stone walls (yes, really, because there was a tree down blocking where we usually go through the first one) and the creek, which while not as deep as Roland has seen it, was flowing at a level I would regard as a challenge under any circumstances, never mind snow and ice. Furthermore, I'd already taken the skis off and was carrying them because even I can tell when I'm in past what I can handle. I came completely unglued.

Roland kindly carried my skis over the creek for me and helped me get home after I got across. Gack.

Tomorrow, at some ungodly hour in the morning, we will depart for Seattle, to throw a Spring Equinox party (I keep saying Solstice, and that isn't until June), and introduce my friends in Seattle (if you didn't get the evite, and you want to come, send me email) to my sister and my fiance. On Monday we will return, so I have this sneaking suspicion that not a lot of sleep will happen in the intervening few days. But it should be fun.

Other than that (what, an emotional breakdown, party planning and cross-country travel isn't enough for you? It is for me!), my life continues to putter along on its ordained path, eating, sleeping, very occasionally going to the Y, shoveling the white stuff, and acquiring goods and services for a wedding and two receptions. We have a date and a venue for the west coast reception, so we'll have some useful information for Seattle-side party attendees. Oh, and on my most recent outing to Toadstool Books (the good local independent bookstore, what would I do without it) I've found two, count them, two new female authors of fantasy/science fiction/whatever you want to call it, that I like a lot: Rachel Caine and Wen Spencer. My life is full.
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