January 15th, 2004

Negative Numbers

I'm not feeling negative, personally. Okay, maybe a little bit. My car needs to go into the shop because it smells wrong. Entirely too much like gasoline. Not a good sign.

Presumably it's something to do with the cold, but it can't be good for me or the environment. Never mind that the environment has its own issues, what with it being negative degrees Fahrenheit. Nashua canceled school tomorrow on account of not wanting the wee ones waiting in the frostbitten cold waiting for school buses.

I wussed again on going out, and Roland decided that was not an unreasonable decision, even tho very good choices were available. We are puttering. Okay, I was reading (until I finished my book) and he was puttering. And now I'm typing and shortly I will be sleeping.

I'm hoping that tomorrow when I wake up, the dealership will be oh so happy to deal with my stinky car, and when I return home without wheels for the day, I will at least have e-mail saying, look, we finally got your information back from WA DOL and here's your New Hampshire Auto Insurance Policy just mail us a check. And maybe another e-mail saying, here's a list of dates we have available in August, choose one, none of the Saturday evenings are taken yet. That would be nice.

But if there is no such e-mail, there are lots and lots of books.
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