January 12th, 2004


The temperature today has been a balmy mid-30s.
Some of the persistent undercoating of ice on
the driveway has gone away. We got a couple inches
of snow last night. I did not go to Boston on
Friday night for a show, because I am a wuss.
I also did not participate in the surely
amazing stargazing at Newfound Lake on
Saturday evening. I should be able to generate
some regret, but it was so wonderful being

I got to play with beanie babies this
weekend. The 12 year old daughter of
the house has devised a number of particularly
entertaining games, including spanking
and hanging beanie babies (she likes to
pick on the monkeys, in particular).
The best game, however, involved sitting
in the middle of the two-story high
living room, and throwing the beanies
through the railing to the upstairs hall
to the master bedroom. When very successful,
the beanies would sail the length of the hall,
and land somewhere on the stairs down on
the other side.

I also got to try out my XC skis, which I
got for Christmas. I have been downhill
skiing once, I think in 1990 or 1991. I
did three or four runs, and fell down a
lot, and had no desire to ever do it again.
XC, however, I have had a multi-year ambition
to try out, since it seemed like a lovely
walk in the woods, only without post-holing
into the snow at every step, and without
having to hold ones legs way apart, as with
snowshoes. Roland and I circled the house
a few times, then on Sunday we went out

to Norsk and tried one of the extremely
easy trails. The trickiest bit is when one
leg decides to go sideways (and I don't mean
at an angle) across icy crust. I'll get used
to it next time, I think.

We had good beer at the Four Corners Grille
and Flying Goose Pub.

Word of the weekend: lagomorph.