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home again home again jiggety jig; postmorten and travel planning

We have returned, once again, to our home in New England and while we of course dearly miss our friends in the greater Seattle area (the ones we saw, the ones we missed, and the ones we perhaps failed to tell we'd be in town due to stupidity and forgetfulness on my part, for which I apologize and vow to do better next time).

Here in New England, when I feel like there's something crawling on me, there _is_ something crawling on me. In Seattle, it was usually dry skin, a stray hair or textiles. Out here, creepy feeling on forehead? It's a ladybug that's dropped down from the lamp. Which I'm okay with. I'm a little less okay with the mosquitos and the ants, but I've completely gotten over any need to mediate my destruction of them with paper products -- I just nip them with my fingers and then wash my hands. Or not, depending on how much I care about whatever smear was left.

Here at home, the toddler has enough toys and kidvid to like staying in, at least the first day back after a trip. No more screaming whenever the door opens, lobbying for another outing somewhere. Anywhere but here. There's still virtually no food in the fridge (well, not true. Lots of bread and meat because they were in the freezer, and condiments, because, come on, but little fruit or veg) because we've gotten quite good at eating things down to a nubbin prior to a trip away from home for a week or more. I'm assembling a shopping list and should an outing become necessary, perhaps T. and I will venture out to the grocery store.

We actually completely (well, almost) unpacked last night, which is unusual. Often my bag will stay partially unpacked for days after even a long weekend down in Connecticut or New Jersey. And after telling everyone in Seattle not to expect to see us out there for months or years because I was not going to fly again while pregnant, and didn't know how we'd manage two small ones across country, I spent a good chunk of the return flights (T. napped extensively during the first flight, after throwing a massive hissy in the airport before boarding) contemplating luggage and other gear changes that might let us transport a baby in a bucket along with T. and all our Stuff. I have a List. There will be Shopping. On the list is a secondary laptop, an ultraportable. Conveniently, I've identified one (one of the Asus EEEs) and am optimistic about my upcoming birthday. I'll need to get a new EVDO for connectivity, since that doesn't have a slot for my current EVDO modem (which, conveniently, finishes its two year contract in June. Heh.). I'm thinking one of the USB EVDO modems. There appear to be several. The remaining question is whether to get a Verizon Wireless one, or some other service. I don't precisely need it here at the house, which is the primary Verizon constraint.

I've repeatedly tried to research the possibility of getting a smartphone and using it as a tethered modem, but at least through Verizon, it does not appear to save any money (separate charges for data plan and tethered modem use add up to what I'm paying on the EVDO, and I don't currently use my PDA anyway). It makes little sense to buy a phone through anyone _other_ than Verizon, because it wouldn't work here at home and we haven't moved yet. The USB EVDO dodges the problem nicely.

We had a good, if tiring, trip, and got to see lots and lots of people, altho not everyone we would have liked to. But the way it worked out, we saw 3+ (groups of) people every single (non-travel) day in Seattle, so it is not precisely clear where we would have fit anyone else in anyway. If we missed you, never hesitate to come visit us out here!
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