walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Toddler Fun: Nap!

T. has been napping lately. On the plane. In the car. Not, unfortunately, in a bed. But today, we timed it right. We got him up, fed him, took him to Seattle Center. Gave him beverage. Ran him around the Children's Museum for a couple hours. Put him on the carousel and then cleverly got him back to the hotel before he fell asleep in the car. After some flopping around, he actually slept for a couple hours in a bed, enabling me to go shoe shopping (1 pair full price Naot, 1 pair sale Naot, 1 pair See Kai Run for T. -- hopefully, my feet will be happier), R. to do some laundry (T. has been pulling himself around out of his diaper for recreational purposes, which we don't so much mind, until he then pees and soaks his clothes) and everyone to feel happier.

Off to dinner shortly.

Other activities so far this trip: 2 trips to Zoomazium (once by ourselves, once with T. and her son N.). 1 trip to Renton to see a new baby and a new house (both quite lovely) and 1 trip to Everett to see friends and have dinner at Anthony's Woodfire Grill. Lots of houses for sale in both Renton and Everett and Mill Creek. Not so obvious here in Seattle proper, altho amazing apartment/condo/hotel construction in the U District. Tubs is closed, even. Quite startling.
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