walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

yeah, I _know_ you don't want a bailout

And good news for you! The House bill is probably going to die a sordid and slow death between Bush's threat to veto, and Bernanke and Paulsen doing waffle imitations on whether they support/fail to oppose it.

From the WSJ today, here's what Fannie Mae is _going_ to do, vs. what the bailout bill would do:

"The plan is the latest twist in efforts to contain the surge in foreclosures on homes in much of the U.S. It differs from a bill approved by the House on Thursday that would authorize the Federal Housing Administration to insure loans for distressed borrowers only after the lender has written down the principal -- something many lenders are reluctant to do. Fannie's refinance plan would result in new loans of equivalent size, leaving the borrower underwater but giving him or her a lower monthly payment or at least a fixed rate."

Right. What a great idea this is. Yay, reduced and/or fixed rate. But refi on someone underwater and guarantee it through FHA which is essentially us as taxpayers. And this is _better_ than the bailout bill? Not.

ETA: To be fair, there's a cap.

"The program will allow refinancing loans of as much as 120% of the property value. Fannie officials project that 150,000 households could qualify for such refinancings." Unclear whether this applies to conforming, pseudo conforming, jumbo, wtf loans.
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