walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

sorta solomon like

According to this:


"The stories about family relationships continued to change as we loaded buses to move children around the state. We placed the children according to the latest information the women had provided about sibling groups and mother-child relationships. As the buses were loaded, there were instances where women came forward with different information. In one case, a minor who previously had said she didn’t have children begged not to be separated from her baby. We were able to place the girl with her child."


DNA is going to definitively answer all these questions. Apparently they people in the shelter tampered with wristbands CPS tried to use to identify people. Really makes Parker's comments about how CPS can't keep stuff straight sound even fishier than most of what Parker is quoted as saying.

And CPS is reiterating that they think some of the children at the ranch do not have parents at the ranch.

There's a lot more. Here's another gem:

"When an investigator asked one girl how old she was, she looked at her husband. “You’re 18,” he said. She then answered that she was 18."

The media has not done a great job of reporting this information:

"There are 27 girls who have indicated that they are 14 to 17 years old. There are an additional 26 girls who have provided conflicting information about their ages, at some points indicating they are minors and at other times saying they are adults. Of these 53 girls, more than 30 have children, are pregnant, or both. Six of these girls have two children, and two have three children."

The idea that there are 17 yo or younger girls (or females who say sometimes they are that young, and other times claim to be older) and have _three children_ is horrifying. Teenager bodies tend to take damage from _one_ child. Multiple children, either starting heinously young, or spaced unbelievably close together, or both, likely results in permanent compromise in maternal health.

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