walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

36 weeks and counting

M. visited for the long weekend and we all had a lovely time, if somewhat exhausting. R. and M. went bicycling twice. We all went paddling on Lake Union once. We spent part of the 4th on Whidbey Island at the beach house of a co-worker of R.'s. I think I used that man's graph coloring algorithm to implement a register allocator at DEC back in the day. He is such a geek he wrote a program to figure out where he wanted tiles placed in his downstairs shower so there would be no pattern and no matching neighbors. His wife showed me the output printout. Nice people. Nice place. Relaxing day. I think some of the women there were a little frightened that I was visiting when so far along. Someone said something about not breathing on me, I might go into labor.

We visited Bottleworks for beer and chocolate. We went to Salty's and Wild Ginger (still itching from the lemongrass in the Seven Flavor Beef, but it is so worth it) and a variety of other good restaurants. They walked me around Green Lake (it took two hours and we stopped at almost every bench, which I'm here to tell you is a lot of benches). It was a lot of fun, but R. is now way behind on sleep, because he couldn't decamp to the couch when I was restless as it was already occupied.

No particularly interesting developments. I'm still insanely slow, have sciatica when I stand or walk faster than a crawl or further than a block or three, and the contractions continue. My feet are a lot more swollen, which is annoying. I'm going to see if eating more veg and eating out less helps.
Tags: daily activities, geekitude, pregnancy
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