walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

a childhood trip to California. . .

On one of our infrequent migrations to visit the Mouse, Knott's Berry Farm, Universal Studios, etc., gold was really running away with it. My dad would drag his heels whenever we stopped for gas, a meal, pee break etc., reading headlines in the newspaper boxes to see where gold was currently. He talked a lot about buying Krugerrands, altho I don't think he ever did. Years later, of course, I didn't buy Krugerrands either (my college years having been spent admiring the folk in the apartheid protest shack in Red Square at the University of Washington), but I did buy gold and a safe to keep it in. At the time, it was considerably cheaper in nominal dollars than on that trip to SoCal, and even cheaper in real dollars.

Around the same time I was squirreling away some of the bright and shiny, I was also tracking AMZN on yahoo finance with deep fascination, particularly in conjunction with ongoing research on the Northwest MLS site, searching for a Condo to Call My Very Own. With a great kitchen and enough wall space for my book cases.

It is with this deep personal history that I write about my current, morbid fascination with West Texas Intermediate. Like my father decades ago, I have no particular vested interest in what WTI does. Equally, like my father, a lot of my life and the lives of the people around me are kinda sucking because WTI is rocketing to the stars. And yet. Such fascination.

119.85 right now.

Join with me at:


Or not. This might be one of those things that doesn't really do it for just anyone.

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