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I think I've mentioned how there aren't any services to speak of in NH. One of the nice things that people in the area do (including R., and other friends) is pick up the trash at the side of the road. The town supplies bags some days of the year. The other day he was out on his own, however. We have those handled things so you don't even have to put your hands on anything potentially frightening (which we have more than one of now, because T. thinks they are much fun).

In any event, R. came back in a state of mild shock. IIRC, he picked up 2 coffee cups and precious few soda cans and beer cans; no bottled beer or soda to speak of.

Either the local community has become shockingly responsible and stopped littering, with very few exceptions. Or people are broke.

Predictably, my answer involves google. It looks like in general, food and beverage sales are up very little (.4%). Because there have been price increases, the up slightly masks a bigger decrease.

Go figure.

FWIW, hotel figures are trickier to come by. The key numbers seem to be ADR (average daily rate) which is holding up okay so far and RevPAR (Revenue per available room), which is, shall we say, not so much.

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