walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

opening the box

A week or so ago, I went through my closet and boxed up a bunch of stuff that just does not fit and isn't
going to fit again for a while. Tonight, I opened the box from moving that I left sitting in the master
bedroom, figuring, hey, this has newborn stuff and pregnancy clothes. If I put it away, I may never
find it.

Instead of having two pairs of knit pants and a couple pairs of sweats (one of which suffered
a laundry accident and looks splotchy now), I have a half dozen pairs of pants including knit,
jeans and regular pants. Some fit perfectly; some are really loose. Also found two pairs of shorts,
a bunch of shirts and some pjs.

Don't have to shop for a while. Yay!

I did this, foolishly, _after_ packing for the weekend, so I wound up shuffling some of the
stuff I packed when I found better choices. I even have a dress that fits. It doesn't look
great, but that's okay. It's one of the backup choices for one of the summer weddings, from Motherwear,
so it's also nursing friendly.

I may or may not post again, so Happy Passover!

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