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_Magic Burns_, Ilona Andrews

As with the last two (the latest Jim Butcher/Dresden and Kelley Armstrong entries), a kindle purchase. I was actually a little surprised to see this available as a kindle purchase. I now officially give up any attempt to predict what will be available when (if ever) as a kindle edition.

I, somewhat facetiously, characterized a lot of my reading as paranormal novels with triangles (there might have been slightly more detail than that) and then, after saying that, added that it probably said something about me that this constituted such a significant chunk of my trashy reading. Well, add Ilona Andrews to the long and growing list (despite giving up on Laurell K., I still seem to read a huge number of these things).

Our Heroine lives in a relatively-near-future Atlanta after magic has returned -- sort of. Waves of magic and tech alternate, and in this novel, there is a flare, so even when the tech is present, the magic isn't entirely gone, and when the magic is present, the magic is _really_ present, as in, deities may be manifesting. Early in the novel, our heroine (temporarily) adopts a stray (you know, this happened in _Heroes Adrift_, too, now that I think about it. And it was resolved in _exactly_ the same way: send the girl off to boarding school to learn how to deal with her magic. Hmmmm.) who turns out to be a lot more significant to the plot than is immediately apparent (also like _Heroes Adrift_). An annoying, ass-grabbing, teleporting archer/thief also makes regular appearances. We learn a lot more about witches, and our heroine learns a new Word of Power. Oh, and it turns out there's a beastkin (this would be like a were-whatever, but starting out as a beast and Turning to human) hiding out in the order pretending to be human. Our heroines relationship Saiman takes a turn for the worse, and her relationship with Curran gets hella serious, if only she would quit ignoring it.

A plausible outing. You could probably enter this series at this point, altho you'd miss some of the backstory. Over time, this series (like almost all paranormal series involving triangles that I read) will get progressively harder to enter in the middle, judging by developments so far.

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