walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

30 weeks

Hard to believe. Also hard to believe there's still more than two months of this left. I find that the less clothing I wear, the less pregnant I feel. This works great at home, but I'm not comfortable yet out of the house without a bra (I had big breasts before; they are now massive), wearing a tank top, a sarong as a skirt and flipflops. Yet, if I could bring myself to do it, that would be ideal.

Today's compromise was a tunic, a sportkilt (tm) and keen sandals. It's just not the same. I sense as the weeks go by, I will become progressively more indifferent to my appearance. The good news is that while I do swell up when I walk, it goes down almost immediately when I rest.

However, I did pick up some books at the library (it's like I can't stop, or even control the rate anymore. Bad, bad Rebecca! Stop reading!) and then did my usual amble from place to place with book in hand. I walked around Green Lake, and stopped for an hour at a shaded bench. Nice to get some sun; I'm a little pink on the arms, even. And I feel like someone found the little windup crank in my back and spun me up good. I can barely sit still. Eeeek.

Jon Ronson's new book _Men Who Stare at Goats_ was fascinating and bizarre. Peggy Vincent's _Baby Catcher_ has fabulous stories in it, altho boy can you tell her background is in nursing.

Oh, and the book is up on the website, but without any pointers to it. It's one directory down from my home (preggers). I'm still researching links and fixing errors and it's missing probably a quarter to a third of its probable length. I'm hoping to get it done before the birth, so that after the birth, I can put in addenda saying what happened to change my mind about various things and why.
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