walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

direct to DVD review: Stargate: the Ark of Truth

Plot summary here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ark_of_truth

I would say, enough about religion, now for the fun stuff, except anyone who has watched any Stargate knows it's All About Religion. I suspect this would make absolutely no sense at all to anyone who hasn't watched Stargate, and if you stopped watching Stargate before the Ori ark, you'd probably still be completely at sea. In fact, even having watched every episode of all ten seasons, I am still mildly confused at moments.

As usual, SG-1 wanders about finding artifacts that are millions of years old that people have been looking for For Ever and finds them almost immediately, but still gets captured (with the artifact) so Antics Can Ensue. Also as usual, SG-1 is forced to deal with an enemy in their midst (IOA agent) while simultaneously fighting with against a numerically superior enemy with better weaponry and ships. And a Goddess on their side.

Nice costuming on Adria; the licking flames are particularly cool. The hairstyles on this show are going to seriously date in about, oh, I don't know, a couple years? Whatever. That's true of just about anything. There was some particularly good dialogue for Teal'c to Toumin about How Do You Deal With Having Been a Butcher for the Bad Guys.

Other than that, a whole lot of the same old same old, which is why I watch this and miss it so now that there will be no more (until Continuum comes out). Oh, and Carter is now flirting with Cam. One wonders if she's got a thing for her COs. I would consider this a discipline problem, but all of SG-1 is Discipline Problems, so what can one say?

Very nice moment at the bit as The Adventure Continues with them discussing the let down of having Beat the Big Bad, and how they felt the same way after beating the Gou'ld. And the Replicators. The First Time.

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