walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

The damage at Powell's was minimal

I'm sure you're all happy to hear this. ;-)

It is freakish how much that neighborhood has changed since the brewery closed up shop and became a restaurant and assorted high end franchises (anthropologie, lucy's, peet's, whole foods) moved in nearby. Unnerving. Oh well. Still a fun outing. Altho I must say that it is incredibly difficult to reach the floor any more from the passenger seat of the car (belly + reclining seat = hard to reach). My cousins came to Seattle for brunch with us Sunday and we all went to Etta's which was, as always, incredibly pleasant.

I'm about halfway through Robbie Davis-Floyd and I'll tell you, there's nothing quite like reading a really good, compassionate, well-researched book that says exactly the kinds of things you've been suspecting for a while, but with plenty of data and awesome analysis. The only thing even better is that I read most of it while R. worked on a photomosaic jigsaw puzzle and he at no point lost interest in the bits I read to him.

On Friday I spent the entire day and most of the evening writing. R. said it was quite humorous listening to the clicking of the keyboard from the next room. It went on for hours, not the fastest I can type, but rapid anyway. I took the notes I've been assembling in a file and wrote the first draft of Rebecca's Views on Pregnancy/Childbirth/etc. Something over 10,000 words. Towards the end there, I'd watch what was bleeding out through my fingertips, protesting as I went, no, that's not what I intended to say, sure, it's true and it needs to be said, but it wasn't what I was going to say. I have -never- had that happen with non-fiction before. Spooky. I went to bed shortly thereafter. It'll probably take a couple of days to turn it into something I can put on the website, and it'll be weeks before it's complete. It'd be nice to finish it before the birth, so I can come back and say here's all the stuff I changed my mind about and why. I'd love to have a really accurate sense of my before-and-after views for later on.
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