walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

toddler fun: whefl

Latest solution to the only-one-e problem: WHEFL.

I loved it. He hated it.

This morning, he was saying some letters repeatedly. It took a minute for me to focus. He was saying, B-E-L-L.

I have no idea why, but when I understood him, I said, "You're spelling bell. B-E-L-L bell. He smiled and went on to something else. Might have been saying W, which sounds like dual u (no b pronounced in the middle of a word yet, altho he gets it as an initial consonant). R. could not understand it without prompting.

I'm in the middle of _Beating the Devil Out of Them_, the second book I own on corporal punishment (first was Greven's more historical work). Straus has been in the news lately with stats on corporal punishment when a child and coerced sex/risky sex, IIRC. He's local -- at UNH.


I figured it would be useful to have read this (or I suppose reread the Greven) before book group on Monday when we talk about _Under the Banner of Heaven_, given the details of the Lafferty's upbringing in particular, and Mormon upbringing in general.

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