walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

men who bake cookies for their dogs

You've probably heard about Charlotte Allen's screen in the Washington Post.


Everyone is having at it.

I just have one thing to add. I grew up next door to a world-class athlete (would have been in the Korean olympics, except he broke his back rather thoroughly practicing something that everyone else thoroughly understood to be impossible). I ran across him at Amazon years later, and discovered that he was also running a business called Axel Snacks (spelling suspect -- his dog was named Axel, but I don't recall how he spelled it), in which he bagged dog biscuits for his dog and for sale to other dog owners at a park with an off-leash area.

So, yes, at least one man baked for his dog. Enough to turn it into a business.

As a side comment, this article is a perfect example of women-can-be-sexist.

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