walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

unresearchable memoir researched -- oops!

Some time ago, when I was weeding Bio (back when I still did stuff like that, instead of considerably less entertaining things involving QuickBooks, or calling contractors), I ran across an extremely implausible book about a very young girl who chased all over Europe evading the Nazis during WW2. I kept going, you have got to be making this up and IIRC, I did a little of the googling and checking reviews at Amazon, but no one was screaming fraud so I shrugged and forgot about it. Until I saw this:


I have to say I'm kinda unimpressed by the publisher, between squabbling over the split and failing to make sure there's any truth to it (especially since a newspaper figured out a way to establish the author's reality did not match the book's contents).

I feel much better now.

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