walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mother Jones: Second Life, Torchwood


Okay, that is how _not_ to write about sexuality on _Torchwood_. "He appears to be gay, or at least bi." As if bisexuality is some halfway house or consolation prize? The complaint about the sexual tension between Gwen and Jack potentially underminding the gayness just reinforces what one is forced to conclude: there's some prejudice here.


Altho I have to say, if _Torchwood_ runs one more episode in with Tashiko has sex with an alien, thinking he or she is human (we've had both, which further substantiates the must-be-prejudiced-not-to-see-the-bi-ness theory) and then is willing to risk the team to protect the alien she's having sex with, I am going to write Nasty Letters to the Show about racism because it's _that_ kind of thinking that resulted in Japanese internment camps.

Mother Jones in the most recent issue (but not yet online that I can find) has an article about Second Life which creeped me out. Here's something related:


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