walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

churches and libraries (and wasting time on justia)

After finding Justia, I got to looking around at some other cases, which is alternately boring as heck, hilarious as can be, and extremely educational.


This completely freaked me out! A church is suing a library for because the library said they could not use the meeting room in the library for services. Yowza!

Supreme Court has already denied review, but it's still in process. I would sort of expect this to violate the establishment clause, but thinking about the rules on the community room at BPL, I'm now wondering. We let anyone use it, with the sole rule that it's not supposed to be a money-making activity.

The story so far: group asks, library says no, group (with money from the alliance defense fund) goes to district court, Bush's DOJ argues that saying no worship services violates first amendment, district court agrees and gives preliminary injunctive relief (I think this means that, until the trial is done, the library can't have a policy against worship services). Library appeals to the 9th circuit court. 9th Circuit court sez, are you kidding? No -- undoes the preliminary injunctive relief (I think this means, no, the library can have a policy against worship services, at least until the trial is done). Church appeals to the Supreme Court. Supreme Court declines to participate. Trial continues.

Oh, the disgustingness of our current administration. They want a 4 hour worship service during business hours????

In unrelated church news, our town recently withdrew its warrant article to purchase Infant Jesus of Prague, an ex-church here in town that the diocese was selling. The diocese must have gotten a better offer? This is good news for a variety of reasons. First, the finance committee took the stance that spending $300K on a church (which we need for why? Meeting space, supposedly.) is a better idea than spending considerably more on a police station (which we are really, really going to need at some point, and which only gets more expensive as the years roll along). Second, a bunch of people in town were really pretty upset about the whole buy-a-church thing, so it was likely to be contentious and expend a lot of time in Town Meeting.

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