walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

No News is Good News

I've been reading Lise Eliot's excellent (if remarkably badly bound) _What's Going On In There?_ lately. Lots of fun little tidbits that can be summarized in part as, yes, spinning and tossing your wee one around is good for the wee one's brain (assuming you don't drop the wee one, of course). The book is literally falling apart in my hands as I read it (first a signature or two dropped out, now everything from individual pages on up). This requires great care while reading in the tub.

Turkey number two was not overcooked at all. Yay! And the whole wheat rolls turned out right this time. Yum. Keeping the whole wheat flour in the freezer does indeed keep it from going rancid. However, it does add a substantial delay into yeast-raised baked goods.

I've been puttering aggressively around the apartment lately. Last week I ordered a Dutailier glider rocker and ottoman that was due to arrive Tuesday/Wednesday. I should have realized that the profoundly laidback guy I ordered it from in SF would overestimate delivery time. It arrived about 24 hours after I ordered it (!!!). I knew he had it labeled for FedEx before he was off the phone with me, because he gave me the confirmation numbers, but this is pretty stunning. I picked the brand several months ago, but R. was very down on the idea of a glider and ottoman on account of the space they would take up (a completely legitimate concern). However, the vast majority of the parents I know whose parenting style I view as Good and Successful all swore by gliders so I was determined. In the event, it's just not that big, and it is incredibly comfortable already. The couch is a little too upright for how I like to sit right now, which means I squirm constantly, shifting between sitting up, slouching, and sitting cross-legged, all in an effort to not put too much pressure on the belly.

Anyway, when the boxes arrived on Saturday, it was Time to do Something about the second bedroom (which still had boxes from lamps we'd bought a month or so ago). Over the course of the next few days, I reshuffled the closet contents (the result being that my stuff is now in my closet and R.'s is in his closet and there's a bit more sanity in the second bedroom's closet). Many boxes have gone to their new home in the recycling dumpster. The baby clothes not hanging in a closet are now tucked away in a chest. To call the place orderly might be a bit of a stretch, but improvement has surely occurred.
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