walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

kindling: other publishers -- harlequin

I noted in the first kindling post that Baen is giving some stuff away and selling some other stuff for really cheap without any DRM (Mobi, no PID required). I have not yet been able to find any titles for sale on Baen's site this way that are also available thru Amazon's in kindle format.

I'm starting to look for other publishers who sell ebooks online. eHarlequin has a substantial site including several of their imprints. A short sampling suggests the following:

(a) their Mobi (the obvious format to use on the kindle) books require a PID -- so no go.
(b) their Digital Rights deal says no reading out loud. Wow! That may be worth investigating.
(c) they want MORE money for their ebook formats on their site than the exact same book (sample Cast in Courtlight -- 12.11 on the eHarlequin site and 9.99 on Amazon via kindle)

I was over there tring to figure out if any of their Luna titles might be available that I wasn't finding over on Amazon. So far nothing.

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