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Heh. Sort of unfortunate, really.

Anyway. I went over to librarything to catalog my recent kindle acquisitions and while there see who else had tagged stuff kindle. Then looked for groups discussing kindles, which found me the Baen Free Library. Speculative Fiction readers may be interested:


Their for-pay books can be found at:


I picked up _Retief_ and several Schmitz titles. I didn't own that particular Laumer collection but I did own the Schmitz titles -- just figured it'd be backup reading material on the kindle. For free, which is good. Baen's prices on ebooks are also cheap: Wen Spencer's _Endless Blue_ is $6.00. If I could find it on Amazon, it would likely be $9.99 since that's their standard "hardcover only" kindle price. But I can't find a kindle edition on Amazon, much like the problem I had with _Victory Conditions_ which is not (yet?) available over on Baen.

It's completely mysterious to me how the WebSubscription selection works.

Baen has a bunch of formats available, but the relevant one for kindlers is the Mobi/.PRC one, which works just great on the kindle. It looks like Tor is working on integrating with the Baen stuff, but that it isn't live yet. I hope that it isn't a matter of it was live and got turned off.

Further weirdness: _Wolf Who Rules_ isn't available as a kindle on Amazon, nor is anything by David Weber (other than _Off Armageddon Reef_). I'm not prepared to do a complete search on Amazon of everything available from Baen, but I have to say this is really weird. I mean, Baen is basically selling kindle-compatible (non-DRM'ed) stuff that isn't available on the Amazon site. How can that be possible? Who is screwing who over or is this one of those things where Amazon made sure the top n selling books were available via kindle and everything else is all up to publishers to make it work and Baen is not motivated to do so? Annoying. I _like_ one stop shopping where I can be reasonably sure I'm getting a close-to-the-lowest price. Having to check a bunch of places in series is obnoxious.

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