walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

google maps street view

A yahoo group for my small town recently got to discussing the new street view feature. Because the street numbers don't line up well, my actual address just shows a bunch of trees, however, if you subtract four from the street number and pan to the west side of the street, there's a good view of our garage and shet and a so-so view of the house through some trees. Add two and you see our orchard. Pretty cool stuff. The library is correctly located.

I checked addresses for the house I grew up in, my condo, my sister's old house, my sister's current house and a friend's house, which add up to one Shoreline, WA address, one Seattle, WA address, one Clayton, NC address, one Fairfax, VA address and one Fremont, CA address. None of which have street views for their streets altho there are some views for major streets nearby.

So that's kinda weird; we're some sort of test market? Dunno.

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