walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Sizzle and Burn_, Jayne Ann Krentz

Krentz writes under several names, including Amanda Quick which she uses for historicals. Both Quick and Krentz have put out novels about the Arcane Society; _Sizzle and Burn_ is the third in the contemporary series. I'm reasonably certain I've read them all, but this stuff tends to go in and out of my brain really fast so it's possible I missed one.

Krentz also wrote non-Arcane society psychic/paranormals in which characters had similar abilities.

In this outing, Raine, a clairaudient, discovers the still living victim of a Crazy Dude in her deceased aunt's house in Shelbyville. The heir-to-be to the US Master's Throne of the Arcane Society, Zackary Gabriel Jones, is dispatched by Fallon Jones to track down Lawrence Quinn, employee of Nightshade and suspected of some connection to the Founder's Formula. It turns out all of this is connected, partly through Raine's dead father and aunt, partly through a True Crime writer who has come up with a great scam to ensure access to creepy murders (commit them herself and frame other people -- oh, wait, that was a spoiler). Etc.

See, you really don't care, do you?

Obviously, antics ensue. Settings include Seattle, Portland, LA, California wine country and fictional small towns in the Cascades. There are cats named Batman and Robin. Raine's sidekick is Goth.

Look, I enjoy this stuff. It's light. It's funny at times. While I'm reading it, I care about how the plot turns out. The sex is okay (altho I'm getting a little frustrated at the lack of protection in these books). But while I tend to really, really, really want the latest Krentz, paying hardcover prices is annoying and storing this stuff is worse. I've generally gotten them from the library. Now, however, I have an additional choice: R. got me a kindle so I read this one on the kindle (kindle edition: 9.99).

I gotta say, yay! Good reading experience. No fatigue. If anything, I read faster on the kindle than on paper (altho I won't know for sure if that's the case until I read a few more books on the kindle); I have no good sense yet as to why that might be.

If you like Krentz, this is more of the same.

If you are thinking about a kindle, this is _exactly_ the kind of book I believe it's designed for: something you want now now now, but don't want to store, and aren't overjoyed about paying full hardcover for.

Oh and the lay flat so you can read it while doing something else with your hands is hugely cool.

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