walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

verminiferous cuisine

R.C. ate an ant in my seventh grade math class, if I recall correctly. As always, just to creep everyone else out.

In 1995, Scott O'Grady ejected from a disabled F-16 over Bosnia and spent 6 days eating, among other things, ants, until he was rescued by Marines.

The Aztecs ate a lot of bugs as part of their cuisine.

From: http://www.foodtimeline.org/foodmaya.html

"Early Spanish observers noted the widespread use of insects among the Aztecs, including ants, grasshoppers, manuey worms, and jumil bugs. Insects are high in protein, tasty, and could often be harvested in large numbers. The Aztecs also gathered great amounts of blue-green spirulina algae...from the surface of the lakes."

And last night, on the Colbert Report, David Gracer ate a bug.

For more about why, and what he's advocating, check out:


His blog says he's off to Thailand tomorrow; I hope he has lots of fun.

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