walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

rereading and other indoor entertainment

Jennifer Crusie: _Bet Me_, _Fast Women_, _Manhunting_, _Welcome to Temptation_, _Faking It_, _Crazy for You_
Wen Spencer: _Alien Taste_, _Bitter Waters_, _Dog Warrior_, and the other Ukiah Oregon book, _Tinker_
John Moore: _The Unhandsome Prince_, _Heroics for Beginners_, currently reading _Bad Prince Charlie_
Elizabeth Moon: _Trading in Danger_, _Marque and Reprisal_
Janet Kagan: _Mirabile_, _Hellspark_

It seems like there must have been a Jayne Ann Krentz in there (_Perfect Partners_?) and maybe some other stuff.

No bad news; I just feel incredibly nauseous. The all-bean diet has faded, and I'm eating meat again, altho not in substantial quantities. There was a little salmon. Lately it's been chicken-under-biscuit. There was a week of turkey sandwiches, even.

R. was a complete sweetheart. He bought red tulips, siberian irises and a heart shaped box of chocolate filled with chocolate truffles from the one known source of such items suitable for me: Chocolate Decadence in Eugene Oregon.


I clearly won the husband lottery.

I don't recall right now if I mentioned this earlier, but we have a piano that he picked up used and has since had tuned. It is a century old Chickering with real ivory keys (so T. is allowed to plink but is not allowed to bang on them with anything other then his fingers) and a wacky design involving a lot of silk threads so the action cannot be fixed thus making it pointless to replace the worn-down-to-the-wood hammers. It is holding tune. There's one missing hammer which the tuner moved to the highest position. Lots of fun; we've dug out all our music books, one children's song book I bought for T. and the rest are books from when I was taking voice lessons.

We are contemplating buying a new TV, since the LCD I've had for five or so years has acquired a shadow. We've had it repaired once (when it did the black smoke quit working thing late in 2004/early 2005) and I'm not prepared to put any more money into this thing. R. is talking 46", which strikes me as overkill, but which I'm hearing is pretty typical these days. We'll see.

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