walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

toddler fun: tantrums and putting away books

Lately, we've been having some serious tantrums, mostly associated with us saying no more Super Why. I was happy he was using words to ask to watch it, and letting him watch a lot (also, he seemed to be learning a ridiculous amount from it). However, I draw the line at him wanting to stay up past when we want to go to bed. And increasingly, I'm drawing the line a lot earlier, because when I wait that long, it's ugly. 40 minutes of relatively steady crying and begging ugly, also throwing down on the floor and kicking ugly.

R. asked today if it would be okay to use the show as a bribe to encourage potty training. I'm like, hey, sure, give it a shot.

I was about to say no just now, when I noticed that after we'd read about ten books, T. had _voluntarily_ with _no_ prompting or assistance, put away _all_ the books.

Sure, dude, you can watch more TV. Holy cow.

The other night, he even sang our cleaning song. It's a very boring song: clean up clean up every body clean up clean up everybody clean up clean up, etc. The tune is only marginally more interesting. But he was singing it.

He's also finally willing to sit and read books together, especially alphabet books where he says the letters and I read the rest of the words. This is a lot of fun. Much better than before, when I tried to read a book to him, and he threw it. There was usually only one book any given week or month that he'd tolerate (I liked when that was _Hippos Go Berzerk_, but boy did I get sick of _Blue Hat, Green Hat_. We even made it about 30 pages into _Green Eggs and Ham_, today. Ordinarily, he screams and throws about two pages in.). He even waits to turn the pages until I'm done reading them for the most part, instead of trying to turn them as fast as possible.

I don't know if Super Why should get the credit for increasing book tolerance, or if that's just an age thing.

I'm trying to get him to play with the Little People Alphabet Zoo. After he got past the all-buttons-are-interesting phase, he lost interest. I'm kind of hoping he'll get interested in learning the animals. I think J. has been working with him on this, because he seemed to know zebra.

I don't worry about the TV leading him to be sedentary. Ha! You'd think his shows were exercise programs if you were watching him and not the show. Jump jump jump. Run around in a circle. Step, kick, spin. Etc.

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