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Rezko photo and ensuing discussion

Possibly you've heard that Matt Lauer on the Today show put up an undated photo of the Clintons (judging by hairstyle and pose, during the Clinton administration, probably early) and Rezko. It's kinda weird looking and given the lack of sourcing and dating, I'm betting someone has been doctoring photos and this will all come out in the next few days. Quietly, because we mustn't embarass the media which jumped all over it.

It's also not a candid -- it's a we're-standing-here-with-smiles-plastered-on shot. *shrug*

Here's what Hillary Clinton said on the Today show in response to Matt Lauer springing this on her:

"I've probably taken hundreds of thousands of pictures," Clinton said. "I don't know the man, I wouldn't know him if he walked in the door, I don't have a 17-year-relationship with him."

Some commentary has interpreted this as a slam on Obama, which is dippy, because the earliest connection I've heard between Rezko and Obama is only about 10 years old. 17 years ago, Obama was finishing up at Harvard Law, probably quite busy being president of Harvard Law Review and, therefore, in Cambridge, MA, not Chicago, IL, and therefore can't really be what that remark is about.

But that remark could easily be about the 1991 fundraising that Bush Sr. was engaged in -- taking money from Rezko.

Guys: get it straight. Hillary is picking on the Bushes. Not Obama.

To be fair, her follow up remarks (She added: “There’s a big difference between standing somewhere taking a picture with someone you don’t know and haven’t seen since, and having a relationship that the newspapers in Chicago have been exploring.”) were aimed at Obama.

Other people think the photo is for real, and likely from this fund-raiser:


Here's Bill's speech from the fundraiser:


If this kind of thing can somehow ding the Clintons with a Rezko connection, no one
can _ever_ safely donate money to the DNC or anything similar. Good grief.

Moseley-Braun won her Senate seat against an incumbent who had voted to confirm Clarence Thomas. The right wing _really_ did not / does not like her, and she has gotten into it with them on occasion.

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