walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

what is _up_ with the media and Janet Huckabee?

No one can see to put her in frame. Usually, I'm seeing snippets on TV and Countdown is so laughing at Chuck Norris and his wife that Janet gets one ear in frame, if that.

But there is so _no_ excuse for this!


Interesting to see Weyrich go for Romney, but the Melkite Greeks are by no means Southern Baptist-types.

The constitutional amendment talk (Huckabee wants, surprise, pro-life and defense-of-marriage amendments) has definitely gotten some people going (and rightly so, of course!) but I should point out to any libertarians out there that Ron Paul has said some stuff about constitutional amendments affecting who gets to be a citizen and who doesn't that should raise the hair on the back of any American's neck.

I'd love to see Huckabee get the Republican nomination. Heh.

As for Ron Paul and his no-birthright-citizenship for children of illegals, the Moonies over at the Washington Times are attempting to smear Huckabee with this one, but he's not taking that one lying down.


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