walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

about a hundred pages into _Blinded by the Right_

I almost bought this hardcover, but I wasn't sure I wanted to give Brock money at the time.

I almost bought this softcover, ditto.

I finally bought it used. I'm of several minds about this, because I have huge admiration and appreciation for the older-and-out Brock who founded Media Matters -- without him, Countdown etc. could not readily exist. Let's just say that in addition to loathing the Brock who engaged in Clinton bashing and Anita Hill smearing, I am seriously icked out by the self-delusion still hanging on in this memoir.

Dude, I seriously doubt "Andrew" dropped you because you didn't tell him you were adopted. More likely because _you never told your sister you were gay_, and Andrew thought you were out to your family.


Possibly wrong -- hey, I wasn't there. But come on. They met at CalPIRG. "Andrew"'s patience was bound to run out as you continued to crawl back into the closet.

Creepy guy, but a nice little piece on How Attachment Problems Lead to Fascistic Ideology and Behavior -- the "movement conservatives" ain't nothing but a bunch of brown shirts when you get right down into it. And story after story about how unpleasant their parents were to them.

It's an interesting read, if creepy. I'll probably pick up his other book at some point, because the dish on conservatives is useful, especially since I've reached a point where I recognize a _lot_ of the names (thank you Daily Show, Colbert Report, Countdown, Mother Jones, Women's eNews, etc.). I'm also thinking about picking up a copy of the book by the NH phone jammer.

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