walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

boston brown bread and fact checking (some beans)

Lunch was gallo pinto. Yum. I had some kale with it. Mmmmm.

Dinner was the baked beans from last night and boston brown bread (cause you have to!). I haven't had boston brown bread, that I can recall, since I was a small child. I got Kidder out to get her idea of a milk-free version (it's generally a buttermilk quick bread), then did some revising. I'll post the results in my cookbook as it was successful. I don't remember raisins, but a lot of the recipes I looked at online had them, so I included them. Best of the Best from New England was not overly helpful.

Having finished Conason and Lyon's book _The Hunting of the President_, I pulled out my copy of David Brock's _Blinded by the Right_, because it seemed relevant. Having skimmed a bit, I thought I'd make a couple of remarks about fact checking.

(1) Recently, people have been quoting this story about the Polish guy goes to the brothel, runs into his wife. I heard it first on Countdown and was quite disappointed with Olbermann for including it since it was obviously an urban legend. In case you are curious:


(2) David Brock, upon switching from writing for rabid right-wingers to more mainstream publishers, encounters Fact Checkers for the first time. Holy cow. I mean, I knew these people made shit up, but that sure explains why they seem so surprised when they don't get away with it in a larger context.

Honestly, tho, it reminds me of all those people in my life who e-mail me crap that is obviously untrue (or foolishly repeat some damn rumor to me). Come on, people. A lot of this stuff is obviously bogus and only being told for the moral. Make an effort. Please!

(3) In Pantry Raid III, Brown says 1/4 cup is 2 Tbsp. In a fannish transcript, this is rightly marked (sic). How the heck did that get onto the finished show?

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