walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Country Beans_ Rita Bingham

Careful readers may have noted that I expressed a passing interest in advice from any stray mormon readers I might have about food storage.

Well, I picked this up instead, because it has recipes for using bean flour.

It's actually a really cool little cookbook, much better on initial survey than other preparedness cookbooks I've looked at in a number of ways. First, it's quite apparent that this is actually a person who eats this way, as opposed to someone dealing with food storage in a theoretical way (I need to store food, I need to know how I would cook it, but I'm not going to change my whole way of life now to rotate that storage). Bingham seems to be second generation at this kind of stuff (her mother Esther Dickey wrote _Passport to Survival_) and well-respected (article in Jan 1996 Ensign), which matches the impression I get that she lives this way.

Bingham has clearly been paying attention to Trendy Nutrition stuff. She's an Ornish fan. Virtually every recipe allows for substituting applesauce for the oil, and the oil is, in virtually every case, canola oil. Like I said, she's been paying attention.

Included at the back: directions for _making your own soy milk and tofu_ and what to do with the pulp. Put that sucker under the heading of I Will Probably Never Do This.

All in all, some really interesting recipes, at least of few of which I will almost certainly try, adapt and adopt, and a few Brand New Techniques for me to fiddle around with.

Oh, and _all_ the bread recipes call for whole wheat flour, no refined flour. And she just sort of assumes you're going to have your own grinder. Gotta love it.

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