walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Return of the Farm and Prostaglandins!

I know, I know. Anyone who remembers the prostaglandin obsession from late in my pregnancy is going, WTF? There was a reference to a study of a bunch of vegans in Tennessee in _Becoming Vegan_ and I knew _exactly_ who that had to be. I found the citation (Southern Medical Journal etc.) and then went to find a copy of the article. Google failed me initially, so off I went to SMA's website where they did not require any money from me to let me register and have access to all their archives. Cool! I got to read the original article which immediately dropped me into a technical discussion of arachidonic acid, prostacyclins, PGE1, thromboxanes, D6D and all our friends from the Days of Yore. Boo yah!

Or something.

One of the conclusions reached by the authors is that it might be worth supplementing GLA in vegetable oil to try to prevent preeclampsia (that's evening primrose oil, for those who recall the discussion of EPO, back when we were trying to convince T. to Exit the Womb). I feel a bizarre sense of closure.

And finally, some discussion of the poor quality of the B12 test administered at the farm (and boy, they really overshot on supplementing B12 in the wake of those results) and what tests should be used instead. It's a 3 step set of tests, ending in MMA, which appears to be the current gold standard.

Also, the summary of the eating pattern at the farm pointed out that they produced most of their food locally (except oils, sugars, oats, wheat berries, corn), did their own canning, etc.

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