walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

bread! and chicken. and beef stew. and stuff.

I tossed the last couple inches of the second loaf from batch #2 from the Laurel's Bread book because it was molding and I wanted to make bread today. So, I made bread today.

Changes: swapped brown rice syrup for honey

Now, you might think, geez, you with the hard core vegan. No. That would be, me with the almost out of honey. After all, between the chicken soup, the asian chicken salad at Applebee's and the chicken salad on crackers I've had over the last few days, I am _not_ the hard core vegan. Just so we're clear on that. Yesterday, I remembered there was some beef stew meat left in the fridge from last week's supermarket trip and R. turned it into beef burgoyne (yum). This is fortunate, because he invited our neighbor over for dinner tonight and I don't want to think too hard about what would have happened if we'd tried to serve her leftover bean dishes. I mean, they're tasty and all (I should know; I've been eating them for days), but still.

Changes: one rise, one proof, instead of 2 rises and a proof

I also kept all the liquids around 110 degrees Fahrenheit and ground the flour pretty fine. Who knows what did it, but that sucker really expanded -- pushed the cutting board I put on top of the bowl up by an inch, so it at least tripled in size, maybe more. This is the first time that the loaves upon entering the oven really filled the pans. Woohoo!

Changes: skipped the rolling pin

The effect here is already clear: there were some bubbles. Ah, well.

The flavor is a little different: the olive oil comes through more clearly, and the rice syrup is notable primarily in that it is not honey. It doesn't have a recognizable flavor in the finished loaf, at least not that I can tell.

Good stuff. Should go well with the beef stew.

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