walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Paths Not Taken_, Simon Green, _Courageous_, John Hemry

I stopped reading this Nightside novel, _Paths Not Taken_, about 20 pages or so from the end because the violence had reached a uniquely repetitive-in-a-boring way I am unaccustomed to outside of a certain class of action movie I (a) no longer have time for and (b) don't hang out with the people who want to see them anymore.

Earlier in the story (the part I read months ago, and the previous books in the series), Our Hero learns that his mother, Lilith (yes, basically that Lilith), is going to destroy the Nightside, do untold and unspeakable damage to various compatriots of his, etc. etc. So he goes and finds Father Time and gets sent back in time with a couple compatriots. I forget the name of the other one who gets sent home early, but Suzy Shooter sticks it out all the way through, werewolf blood and all which comes in handy. They meet some people, like Merlin, and inadvertantly help kill them (like Merlin). Etc.

Anyway. I came in after Our Hero makes a deal with Herne (who died in an earlier book, IIRC) to Save Suzy. He nearly dies, but escapes on Herne's moon stallion and is revivified by the Lord of Thorns and tossed further back in time in time (meant to do that) to see the creation of the Nightside by Lilith. Predictably, a couple of angels (anyone remember the war of angels from the earlier book? No? Never mind.) show up to get involved and make random, pointless trouble and are then evicted. There is much bloodiness. Lilith takes a hard hit. Our Hero and Suzy Shooter go home, but we just _know_ that everything that happened has just moved the Nightside and etc. closer to what Our Hero is trying to prevent. After all, there is a Formula.

I have no idea if this is the kind of thing you would like. I don't much like it, altho I do find it weirdly addictive at least part of the time.

_Courageous_, by John Hemry, is #3 in the Lost Fleet series (faster than light travel, jump points, hypernet, aliens, trapped in enemy space, cold sleep for a hundred years, Barbarossa/Messiah stuff, whatever). Highlights: the auxiliaries have software that predicts what supplies (minerals and ore and such) they need to resupply the ship with fuel, munitions, etc. Because Our Hero is doing such a bang-up job of winning battles with minimal loss of ships/life on his side by dint of good tactics and massive expenditure of munitions, they run short immediately after a successful supply run. Ooops. So they need more. That turns out to be very tricky. Some jumps and small battles later, they run into some spectacularly bad "luck" when a big Syndic fleet shows up in a system they were about to win or at least get out of successfully.

Or was it "luck"? What Our Hero does in response is a helluva cliffhanger in the literally hanging off of a cliff, about to die no matter what sense. Tune in next time to find out what happens to Cliff Hanger. *sigh* And this one _just came out_.

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