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for those readers trying desperately to figure out what's going on (beans)

Here's the short form:

Over my adult life, I've flirted with v-food patterns (vegetarian, vegan) repeatedly. Not on purpose, more a matter of (a) vegans don't consume milk products, and they do make donuts (at least in Seattle) and (b) who/where I was hanging out (with).

Over the holidays, I read Robbins' _The Food Revolution_ and was repeatedly annoyed by a couple of in-laws (sister- and mother-) who are eating low carb (sort of), for reasons that strike me as silly at best. After several days of eating way, way too much meat, I started thinking seriously about heading a long ways down the path of the plant based diet. And hey! It's New Year's! Just the time to make rash commitments.

Over the last few days, I've been doing a bunch of research, because I don't actually feel good about making rash commitments and then not following through on them. Also, the bean obsession is assuming truly epic proportions (it remains possible that this is pregnancy induced craving; I will note that I _do_ supplement folic acid, if you were wondering).

I've said for a long time that exercise is a U shaped distribution: there's a bump at the "animals" who are out there running marathons, and another bump of people who are happy that they walked all the way around Green Lake without having to stop more than a half dozen times; the middle seems to be thinly occupied. With books, there are a small number of people who buy and read dozens or hundreds of books a year (some of whom are on my friends list!); everyone else is more onesies and twosies per year. With food, similar: there's a small number of people who try to eat vegetarian/vegan, non-GM/E, organic, biodynamic, blah, blah, blah. When you go track groups of these people down, you rapidly discover all the other current trends you didn't know about before.

I had stumbled across the term localvore recently, so encountering the 100 mile diet wasn't entirely surprising. But boy, that's raising the stakes. My first response was, no way am I doing that this year. My second was to put together some food lists (impossible/easy/unknown) for what we eat and whether it was available in the area. After that, it dawned on me that the plant-based-diet and the localvore thing were, shall we say, not perfectly compatible. Here's what they have to say on the subject:


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