walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Pinto gallo and chocolate pie (beans)

Did I mention this? Maybe in passing.

In yesterday's cooking frenzy (bread, chocolate tofu pie, chicken broth, black beans, rice, etc.), R. requested pinto gallo. So we made some. We had the black beans. We have a rice cooker. There were bell peppers and onions in the fridge, and New Mexico Red and Cumin on the spice racks. Even cilantro! Also eggs, altho I had one and R. did not. Turned out tasty. Tasty enough to make a second time today. I asked R. if he wanted any and he said he was about to ask for some.

Dead easy meal, which is probably why it's the traditional breakfast in a bunch of places south of us.

Here's Alton Brown's version of a classic:


Honestly, tho, a package of chocolate chips, a package of silken tofu, a little vanilla for flavor and a blender and you're in business. You don't even need a crust; you can serve it in custard cups as a heavy mousse or a light custard. That coffee liqueur business is a little silly, imo, and the honey is strictly unnecessary and turns a naturally vegan dessert (assuming reasonable chocolate chips) into something that is, at best, vegetarian.
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